About Us

Who we are


South 48th Bistro is a new locally owned and operated casual restaurant in the city of Lincoln. We provide a relaxing atmosphere with attentive and friendly service. We offer foods from the southern region of Europe. Starting from Greece and running across the Mediterranean coastline all the way to Italy. We invite you to come try them out.

One of South 48th Bistro's specialties is our freshly made pizza dough, which makes our pizzas a must try item on our menu. Our specialties do not stop there! We make each meal fresh to order, and our pasta dishes are uniquely delicious. Some of the unique items we offer are Cevapi (che-va-pe), Bulgarian goulash and Playskavica (Play-ska-veet-sa). Cevapi are sausage links made form beef and lamb meat, and is served with chopped onion tzatziki sauce and a side of French Fries. Pleyskavica is a meat patty with a mixture of beef lamb, and pork and we top it with creamy mushroom sauce. Please come see us soon!